A Trick to Saving on Your Mortgage…


Did you know that even with rates as low as they are, many homeowners are still hesitant to explore a refinance of their current rate? Many say it’s because their purchase transaction was less than easy, and some simply don’t want to gather the necessary documentation needed to refinance. What if I told you there were lower-documentation options for a refinance, with some not even requiring the gathering of tax returns at all? FHA and VA loans both have “Streamline Refinance” options, and there are similar programs for conventional loans as well. Regardless of your current loan, there’s no cost to find out of you qualify for one of these programs, and the initial process is as easy as following the three steps below:

  1. Click here from your smartphone or computer
  2. Answer the few quick questions
  3. Find out what program you qualify for and start saving!

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