Don’t Give Your Social To Anyone Without Reading This!

Most people don’t even think twice about handing over their social to their doctor, dentist, etc, but the fact is, you don’t have to. If you have health insurance, they don’t need your social security number, unless they want to hit you with a collection for a bill that you may or may not have even seen a bill for. That’s not to mention the increased risk of identity theft you run every time you give someone your social. I see it almost daily in my line of work, and I’ve finally decided to try and change it. Since I realized you don’t have to give a social, I have been to a doctor, a specialist, and a dentist, and I have not given any of them my social. not only have they treated me, but none of the receptionists have even questioned my decision to withhold the information. Read the article I’ve included here and spread the word so everyone knows their rights as a consumer. Unless you’re applying for credit, always question why someone needs your social security number.

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